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KMS Bearings, Inc. is a world leader in design and manufacture of plastic and AISI 316 stainless race radial ball bearings. If you are looking for an innovative, cost effective way to approach an engineering design problem, the solution may be a plastic or AISI 316 Stainless ball bearing. They can ensure your products run smoother, quieter, more efficiently and with less maintenance than conventional steel bearings. Size, shape and environment are no longer limitations.

Plastic Ball Bearings
Plastic Bearings
Thermoplastic Ball Bearings
Corrosion Resistant Bearings

Plastic bearings are available in standard inch and metric sizes. Plastic race bearings can be made in special sizes and types in small and large quantities. Plastic radial ball bearings offer many advantages over standard steel bearings, which include:

1. Corrosion Resistant
2. Design flexibility
3. Bearing & application integration
4. Non magnetic
5. Hygienic
6. Lubrication free
7. Light weight
8. Low inertia- freer turning

KMS manufactures plastic race ball bearing types in single and double row radial, 3- piece thrust, four point contact, thin section, skatewheel ball bearing, insert ball bearing with plastic mounted blocks in either flange or pillow type.

Special Plastic Bearings (At KMS Specials are a Standard)
Thermoplastic bearings are readily and inexpensively made from polymers. This allows engineers complete freedom to design the bearing around the device rather than attempting to design the device around a limited range of standard bearings. Thermoplastic ball bearings can be designed with either a pulley, sprocket or a fixing clip to the outer ring. We can mold a hex, spline or the shaft as the inner ring. We can design and build a complete bearing assembly for the ultimate in cost savings. Integrating mating components or mounting features will ease assembly, reduce time, and reduce parts count, thereby lowering your overall cost to manufacture.

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AISI316 Stainless Radial Ball Bearings ( Din 14401)
Stainless Ball Bearings
Stainless Bearings

KMS is the only manufacturer to produce a full product line of radial ball bearings made from AISI 316 stainless. AISI 316 stainless provides superior corrosion resistance when compared to standard 440C stainless bearings. A KMS stainless radial bearing can run dry, run in liquids or handle high temperatures when fitted with a high temperature polymer cage or be made as a full complement type (no cage). They are available in standard or special sizes, inch or metric.

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Plastic Mounted Blocks with Plastic or 316 Stainless Insert Bearings
Plastic Flange Blocks
Plastic Pillow Blocks
Plastic Insert Bearings
Plastic Insert Ball Bearings

KMS produces mounted blocks from PBT plastic in (2) two and (4) four bolt flange, and pillow type. Mounted blocks made from PBT plastic will never corrode or rust. When fitted with a KMS plastic or AISI Stainless insert ball bearing they will provide superior corrosion resistance to any mounted unit offered today. Additional detailed information on the above is available within the web site. Please feel free to contact KMS directly by phone with any questions you may have on how a KMS bearing can help you.

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